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5ltr Fill & Skim

Pack of 1

Everbuild Fill & Skim 5 Litre
Fill and Skim is a ready mixed lightweight plaster for both patching jobs and covering larger areas. Fill and skim is ideal for covering over old textured surfaces. Ideal for trade and DIY use.
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Everbuild Fill & Skim 5 Litre

Product Description

FILL AND SKIM is revolutionary new ready mixed plaster substitute, formulated using lightweight polymer spheres, to produce an easy to spread and smooth product which enables all tradesmen and  DIY enthusiasts to produce a quality finish, normally only associated with a time served plasterer. 

FILL AND SKIM dries to a hard but flexible finish and is therefore suitable for wall or ceiling application and will fill holes down to 25mm in one application.

FILL AND SKIM is the ideal choice for covering textured paint surfaces and for restoring old pitted/uneven plastered walls/ceilings in just one quick application. FILL AND SKIM is also the ideal choice for electricians, plumber, joiners and general builders as a one coat patching plaster for small repair jobs, e.g. over recessed cable trunking and around holes in walls where piping/sockets have been installed.  

Once, dry, FILL AND SKIM will not shrink, sag or crack and is ready to paint or paper 24 hours after application.

FILL AND SKIM finishes smooth and requires little or no sanding.  FILL AND SKIM can be used for internal repairs over plaster, wood, brick, stone and rendering.


 Surface Preparation

Ensure the surface is clean, dry, sound and free from loose material or mould. Very friable surfaces should first be treated with EVERBUILD STABILISING SOLUTION and allowed to dry. Nail or screw heads must be coated in oil based primer. Stain marks should be treated with EVERBUILD STAIN BLOCK. Glossy surfaces should be rubbed down to provide a key. Holes deeper than 25mm should be filled with a suitable filler (e.g. EVERBUILD ONE STRIKE) and allowed to dry. Textured paints/surfaces must be lightly sanded to remove peaks.



Stir FILL AND SKIM to a smooth paste. If product is too dry, add a few drops of water and re-stir.  Load smoothing blade (provided with this product) using a suitable spatula. Work over no greater than 0.5m2 at a time towards centre of area to be coated. Apply in smooth curves ensuring even pressure and cover area.  Work back with smoothing trowel over any ridges to smooth flat with rest of surface. Repeat over rest of area, covering 0.5m2 at a time and “blending in” each area.

When filling a large surface area, it may not always be possible to achieve a completely level finish. However, FILL AND SKIM is very easy to sand if necessary.

Deep holes up to 25mm can be filled in one application with no need to build up in several layers.

Coverage: Approx 0.75m2/Litre at 6mm depth.

FINISHING:  FILL AND SKIM can be papered over, or painted with water or oil based paints as soon as the product is dry – approximately 24 hours – depending on depth and drying conditions. If priming is required, follow paint manufacturers instructions. 


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Colour White
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