After a bit of a damp and chilly start to the summer this year, we appear to be in for some proper sunshine from hereon in, so it’s no surprise that so many people are turning their attention to their back yards and front lawns, looking to get them at their best for summer. And when it comes to your patio, it’s certainly worth considering one of the brilliant sealants we stock here at R&J Builders Equipment. If you’ve not used one before, it’s essentially a milky solution that dries to a hardwearing, water-repellent film that completely seals your patio. This has a number of useful benefits; we’ll explore some of the main ones below!

Greatly improves your patio’s appearance

This is one of the most obvious advantages, but it bears saying regardless! Using a sealant on your patio significantly helps not only to preserve its colour, but also enhance it. If you’ve spent some time and effort getting your lawn into a decent shape for summer too, the overall effect can be greatly enhanced by a sealed patio, so your exterior can really look its best for summer. This is fantastic not only for your own enjoyment, but can really help to make a brilliant first impression if you’re holding viewings with the intention of selling your house - as many people are at this time of year!

Protects your patio from everyday wear

Patio sealants like our Everbuild Path & Patio Seal are particularly useful for high-traffic locations, which see everyday use whatever the weather. This might not apply to the path in your back garden, but almost certainly will for the path up to your front door!


You’ll be glad to hear, then, that using a sealant will protect your path against the weathering effects from hot sunshine and intense rain in equal measure - both of which are often seen in British summertime! The high degree of water repellency in the dried film also makes it handy for protecting your path against the effects of oil and petrol too, both of which are occasional possibilities if you park your car on your front driveway.

Makes your patio safe and easier to clean

The patio sealants that we stock here at R&J Builders Hardware are designed to be slip-resistant, so you can trust that neither you or your family will take any severe spills. It also acts as a dustproofer, which makes it a lot easier to clean away any dirt and stains - as long as you’ve got a good quality brush, of course! What’s more, it contains a powerful fungicide, preventing mould growth so that your patio looks better for longer.

Don’t forget, though, that simply applying a sealant doesn’t mean that your patio won’t need cleaning; it’s just designed to make it easier to do so! Before you get started on applying the sealant, it’s worth taking a little while to sweep down your patio first, ensuring that it’s totally free of dust and debris. We’ve got a fantastic range of sealants right here at R&J Builders Equipment in our Outdoor and Gardening section, as well as a variety of other useful tools and essentials you can use to get your garden looking its best for the summertime. Why not take a look around, and see what you can find?