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Everbuild 25 Litre 207 Zeromix CFF

Pack of 1

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Everbuild 207 Zeromix CFF 25 Litres

Product Description

EVERBUILD ZEROMIX CFF is air entraining chloride free liquid admixture for mortar and concrete which also acts as an accelerator for work in sub - zero temperatures. Improves workability and freeze/thaw resistance in brick laying mortars and eliminates the need for a separate frostproofer. Conforms to EN934-3 (2009)


  • Increased frost resistance during setting.

  • Non - corrosive to imbedded metal (chloride ion free)

  • Eases tamping down and alignment

  • Improves workability/trowelability even in cold weather.

  • Provides resistance to freeze/thaw cycling down to -8oC in both wet and dry mortar.

  • Chloride free (chloride ion content < 0.1%).

  • Reduces bleeding/segregation.

  • Replaces lime in mix, hence reduces possibility of lime bloom and efflorescence.

  • Reduces shrinkage (cracking and crazing reduced).

  • Faster finishing times even in cold weather.

Areas For Use

  • As an air entraining water reducing admixture and accelerator/frostproofer for brick and block laying mortar, render (internal and external) and concrete.

  • Accelerates setting time during cold periods.

Suitable for:

  • Load bearing brickwork

  • Block laying

  • External/Internal rendering

  • Pointing/repointing brickwork.

  • Floor screeds


  • Concrete must be covered after placing until the minimum strength is obtained or until the temperature rises above freezing.

  • Do not use weak mixes during cold weather.

  • Do not overdose.

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Manufacturer Everbuild
Colour Black
Pack Size 1
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