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Everbuild 5 Litre 207 Zeromix CFF

Pack of 1

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Everbuild 207 Zeromix CFF 5 Litres

Product Description

EVERBUILD ZEROMIX CFF is air entraining chloride free liquid admixture for mortar and concrete which also acts as an accelerator for work in sub - zero temperatures. Improves workability and freeze/thaw resistance in brick laying mortars and eliminates the need for a separate frostproofer. Conforms to EN934-3 (2009)


  • Increased frost resistance during setting.

  • Non - corrosive to imbedded metal (chloride ion free)

  • Eases tamping down and alignment

  • Improves workability/trowelability even in cold weather.

  • Provides resistance to freeze/thaw cycling down to -8oC in both wet and dry mortar.

  • Chloride free (chloride ion content < 0.1%).

  • Reduces bleeding/segregation.

  • Replaces lime in mix, hence reduces possibility of lime bloom and efflorescence.

  • Reduces shrinkage (cracking and crazing reduced).

  • Faster finishing times even in cold weather.

Areas For Use

  • As an air entraining water reducing admixture and accelerator/frostproofer for brick and block laying mortar, render (internal and external) and concrete.

  • Accelerates setting time during cold periods.

Suitable for:

  • Load bearing brickwork

  • Block laying

  • External/Internal rendering

  • Pointing/repointing brickwork.

  • Floor screeds


  • Concrete must be covered after placing until the minimum strength is obtained or until the temperature rises above freezing.

  • Do not use weak mixes during cold weather.

  • Do not overdose.

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Manufacturer Everbuild
Colour Black
Pack Size 1
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