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Resilient Bar 45mm x 13.5mm x 3 metre Length

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Resilient Bar is a thin metal channel designed to substantially improve the sound insulation of plasterboard walls and ceilings. The channel effectively isolates the plasterboard from the studwork, eliminating 'direct contact' to dissipate sound which would normally be transferred through the frame. This system is easy to install and produces excellent results especially when used with suspended high mass ceilings. Each resilient bar is supplied in 3 metre lengths. Please see image for additional dimensions.

Galvanised Steel Resilient Bars

Resilient Bar Profiles are designed to improve the sound insulation of plasterboard walls and ceilings whether used in new build or in the improvement of existing constructions. The profile assists in isolating the plasterboard from the supporting surface hence reducing the area of contact and dissipating the level of sound transferring through the metal section.

Care should be taken to ensure that board fixing do not penetrate through the resilient bar into the timber joist as this will create flanking and reduce the performance of the profile.

Resilient Bar Performance

The choice of board will be dependent on the performance required for both fire and sound insulation.  Reference should be made to the National Building Regulations before commencement of work.

Method of Build

Fix resilient bars 90 degrees to stud work framing either to ceilings or walls.  Fix with the narrow flange to the bottom and the fixing flange to the top using the desired fixing, with exception to the top bar which is fixed with the fixing flange at the bottom.

For singe boarded systems install at 400mm centres, for double boarded systems install resilient bars at 600mm centres.  When installing to ceilings install resilient bars at 400mm centres.

Where abutting door openings cut and install resilient bar noggins between horizontal bars to allow plasterboard to be fixed at the required centres.

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