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Ancon Heli Bar 6mm x 1m

Pack of 1

Designed for crack stitching repairs in Masonry and installed using resin or cementitious grout. Can be used for Masonry joint reinforcement for extra strength in walls, footings etc...
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Helical Spiral Bar 6mm x 1m

Stainless steel helical bars are chemically bonded into horizontal slots cut into bed joints which stitch across the crack.  When installed, these bars evenly redistribute tensile forces over the reinforced area to stabilise the structure.  On completion, the bars and the grout are concealed, retaining the original character of the wall.  Cracks are repaired with no further damage to the wall, no costly or lengthy re-construction work and no inconvenience to the building's inhabitants.

Application Guidance

Wall Thickness 102mm, Slot Depth 30mm, Helical Bar Depth 20mm

Wall Thickness 215mm, Slot Depth 40mm, Helical Bar Depth 30mm

Surface Preparation

  • Proposed substrate must be sound

  • Substrate surfaces to be bonded must be clean and free from oils, organic growth, dust and debris.  The substrate must be wetted and in a moist condition.  Standing water to be avoided.

  • In hot conditions and porous substrates ensure the masonry is well wetted before AND after grout application.  To wet the substrate after grout application use wetted hessian over the works.

  • If wetting proves effective, prime the substrate to prevent premature curing of the grout.

Step-By-Step Installation Guidance

  • Cut a slot in the mortar joint to the specified depth that extends just over 500mm each side of the crack (recommended equipment: Twin bladed diamond-tipped wall chaser).  Ensure the mortar is completely removed to reveal the top and bottom faces of the masonry.  Prepare surface for grout (see above).

  • Blend grout together, apply a continuous bead (approximately 10-15mm thick) to the back of the slot.

  • Push helical bar into the face of the grout, to the depth specified, so that the bar extends 500mm each side of the crack.

  • Apply a second, continuous bead of grout to the slot ensuring the bar is covered.  With a finger trowel force the grout back into the slot 10mm from the surface and ensure the bar/grout composite is tightly packed.

  • Make good the bed joint and fill the vertical crack with an appropriate filler or mortar.


This system is suitable for conventional brickwork and rendered/plastered walls.  Vertical spacing is normally every 4 to 6 brick courses (300-450mm), however this should be checked with the structural engineer.  Where cracks are within 500mm of corners or reveals the bar should be bent and bonded 100mm around the corner.  If two or more cracks are close together, bars can be lapped.  Laps should be at least 500mm and the bar should extend 500mm from the outer cracks.


It is essential that the cause of the cracking is established by a structural engineer and then eliminated, prior to the installation of this system.

More Information
Pack Size 1
Colour Steel
Manufacturer ANCON
Wall Thickness 102mm | 215mm
Slot Depth 30mm | 40mm
Helical Bar Depth 20mm | 30mm
Suitable For Masonry joint reinforcement for extra strength in walls, footings etc...
Width 6mm
Length 1M
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